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Cell-network video streaming solution used in undisclosed German Police Helicopters

In a recent project, an undisclosed German Police Helicopter Squadron needed a rugged and airworthy certifiable fallback solution for their legacy DVB-T based video downlinks. The legacy video downlink solution suffers from availability in rural landscapes and time-demanding installation of a receiving vehicle availability on ground.

The onboard video cameras are connected to a rugged VITEC encoder for generating network video transport streams. Those streams are transported and encrypted by the team2applications MLX100 cell/satcom router over attached cell antennas. The encrypted data are transmitted via any mobile network provider to a field-proven video-management-system. All videos captured for situational awareness, patrolling information, and intelligence-gathering missions aboard the state-of-the-art Airbus EC135 Helicopters.

All used products needed to be available commercially off-the-shelf, but they needed the ability to encode video in a format that could be distributed on the IP- based KMT Tracer video management system with all relevant information.

Cooperation is the key !

team2 and its cooperation partner KMT GmbH built the solution in collaboration with VITEC, the worldwide leader in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions. Together the solution was able to meet all the requirements of the customer’s request.