Setting a new level of connectivity applications in mobile systems our WiFi/LTE Gateway connects personell devices to the internet fast and easy.


Onboard communication services for passengers with streaming movies and other media content.

Communicate and work in the cabin or enjoy movies and other media as traveling above on speed as you know from your home and the smartphone. Airline customers or VIP-passenger may enjoy recent movies and other media content, uploads with our LTE or WiFi upload services on ground in very short and innovative periods.

Cabin & Cargo Video Security

Cabin security with video surveillance systems on board. 

Cabin security is a rising requirement for airlines and is enabled by video surveillance systems on board. Loss of cargo or unauthorized entry is revealed by recorded video, stored on-board by small servers or upon an integrated SSD in the connectivity device itself and transmitted upon request or automated via LTE while the aircraft is on ground. 

Our Services

Configuration & activation Service

We are configuring your device prior to shipping according your desired settings. By a simple call, email or website request, we activate your device and functions as you ordered before. Upgrade of new features by a simple click in our customer portal is easy.

SIM card Services

With premium IoT SIM cards certified for in-air-communications, team2applications provides all-in-one services for customers. The SIM-cards enable European or worldwide roaming over various cell networks highest availability. Data packages range from 10 MB to 100 GB monthly inclusive volumes.