The MLX100 Router is a multipurpose cell-network gateway and MultiWAN router with integrated WLAN access point for inflight-connectivity applications in helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

The MLX100 is available in configurations with integrated cell modems to work as router or gateway as all-in-one cabin-communication device. The MLX100 works as a stand-alone airborne router/gateway/hotspot. This enables pilots and passengers to connect their wireless handheld devices to the internet.

Featured Multi-WAN interface technology enables integration into installations with SATCOM-systems to enable robust, fast and cost-effective connectivity where cell network infrastructure is temporarily available in mission execution.

The MLX100 router is certified with all product variants, to be operated in-flight and on-ground in harsh aircraft environments.

It is the industry’s first fully integrated airborne solution in a light-weight single box. The state-of-the-art CPU architecture provides lowest-possible power consumption and cold operation without cooling requirements. As the system is fully designed by team2technologies for rugged airborne applications we are a valued partner for full integration support and expert-based lifetime assistance.

The MLX100 is a future-proof, smart, secure, reliable and long-term available investment.


Bundespolizei (Super Puma)


Success story

Cell-network video streaming solution used in undisclosed German Police Helicopters

In a recent project, an undisclosed German Police Helicopter Squadron needed a rugged and airworthy certifiable fallback solution for their legacy DVB-T based video downlinks. The legacy video downlink solution suffers from availability in rural landscapes and time-demanding installation of a receiving vehicle availability on ground.

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Available variants
  • MLX100 Hotspot 1xLTE/1xWiFi
  • MLX100 Gateway 1xLTE
  • MLX100 Gateway 2xLTE
  • MLX100 WAP 2xWiFi
  • MLX100 CELL/WiFi/Satcom Router
  • Installation kit
  • Antenna kits (certified airborne antennas)
  • SIM-card-service with data packages
  • Video capture – transport and management solutions
  • VPN and connectivity services
  • 2×3-1-Way Antenna Combiner
Technical data

General Data:

Supply voltage & power demand
115VAC/400Hz OR 28VDC, 200ms hold-up, < 14W typical
Natural convection
202 x 270 x 52 mm (W x L x H)
2,000 g to 2,200 g (depending on configuration)
ARINC 809/EN4165 (SIM series II connector, 2 cavities); 7 x TNC female antenna jacks
Maintenance / Reliability
On condition / MTBF > 5,000hours


LAN/WAN ports
1x 100/1000MBit/s Ethernet (EN4165 insert)
I/O ports
OS interfaces
1x RS232, console port
Wireless I/O
4x TNC plug cell interface, 4G LTE advanced CAT12 with 2G fallback; up to 2x 600/150 Mbps down/uplink 2x TNC plug WiFI interface acc. IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac; up to 866Mbps
GNSS receiver
1x TNC plug GNSS interface with GPS/GALILEO/GLONASS/BEIDU coverage active- or passive antenna support (software configurable)
Internal storage
Up to 256GB solid state disc integrated, customizable capacity (default: 128GB cap., 126GB usable)
MLX100 WIFI/LTE/SATCOM Router Produktbild


  • Super agile cell network routing & operation
  • Multi-WAN technology
  • SATCOM routing integrated
  • IT-Security certified
  • 4G cell engines (2G fallback) / 5G optional
  • Diversity or channel aggregation operation
  • Cat-12 for 600/150Mpbs down/uplink
  • Worldwide band coverage
  • RF regulatory certifications
  • US carrier certifications
  • Dual SIM-card support
  • Dual band WiFi radio acc. 802.11ac/b/g/n
  • World coverage GNSS Receiver (GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BEIDU)
  • Integrated solid state disc (SSD), up to 256GB capacity
  • ARINC763-3 discrete I/O Interfaces, software programmable
  • RTCA DO160G certified (for inflight operation)

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