Police and Public Security

Setting a new level of connectivity for helicopters and vehicles

Setting a new level of connectivity and voice communication for helicopters and vehicles with our Voice-enabled Multi-WAN Routers.

Events observed from the air or by ground-based vehicles with high resolution video and sensor data, transmitted in real-time over a bi-directional real broadband IP-network boosts real-time situational awareness to a whole new level.

Integrated audio intercom interfaces and voice-call capabilities enable the platforms with cell-and VoIP communication.

The helicopter, fixed wing aircraft can act as a flying ad-hoc MESH-network node and WLAN Access Point to ensure on the fly-connectivity for ground-based forces or flying drones.

Also acting with additional hardware as airborne mobile radio cell is an option.

Customized top-level security VPN-technologies enable seamless integration into customer established IT-Infrastructure.


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