The NGR Routers are next generation 5G technology based multipurpose cell-network enabled MultiWAN routers with integrated WLAN radios to work as cockpit/cabin access point for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

The NGR Routers are available in configurations with integrated 5G cell modems to work as router or gateway. The product variants are stand-alone, all-in-one cabin-communication devices.

The NGR architecture also incorporates VoLTE and VoIP audio telephony services with analog and digital audio interfaces. Pilots and passengers can do voice telephony over VoLTE or VoIP via the onboard intercom audio system. In addition, handheld devices can be connected via WiFi for legacy VoIP telephony apps and to connect to the internet.

The optional TRC-22 control panel enables dial-pad and control functionality for telephony in a NVIS-compatible DZUS-mountable box. Multiple TRC-22 can be attached in parallel.

Featured Multi-WAN interface technology enables integration into installations with SATCOM-systems to enable robust, fast and cost-effective connectivity where cell network infrastructure is temporarily available in mission execution.


Available products



TCR-22 Control Head (for telephony and remote control)
Installation kit
Antenna kits (certified airborne antennas)
SIM-card-service with data packages
Video capture - transport and management solutions
VPN and connectivity services