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Integration services

team2tech provides design and integration services for information- and sensor- date and video including customized interfaces to ensure complete systems as stand-alone solutions or in close cooperation with system integrators.


Device configuration services

team2tech provides customized device configurations by configuring customers device prior to shipping according to your desired settings.

By a simple call, email or website request, we activate your device and functions as you ordered before.
Upgrade of new features by a simple click in our customer portal is easy.


Routing configuration and IT-integration services

team2tech provides configurations and IT-integrations to interface seamless into customers’ existing IT-infrastructures.

Upon our vast knowledge of IT- and network technologies we help end-customers to integrate their connected platforms into their information- and communication systems.

Our Ground Connect Servers (GCS) are ground-based hardware appliances which can be installed in the customers premises for secure and reliable end-to-end connectivity.


Satcom integration services

team2tech provides interface design and integration services for third party Satcom systems from various vendors to extend platform connectivity to remote and overseas areas.


HF-survey services

team2tech provides HF measurements and design guidance for antenna installation surveys for system integrators.


Operational data and flight testing analyze services

team2tech provides data recording, analyse and visualization services and guidance for OEMs and system integrators.


SIM card services

team2tech provides premium aerial use enabled IoT SIM cards providing customizable data packages with German, European and Worldwide coverage, including multiple-provider roaming capability.



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