The TRC-22 is a universal control system for use with BKM-MICRONIC video downlink transmitters and the airborne MLX100 cell network routers and the NGR421 & NGR221 network routers of team2applications for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

The new NGR Routers feature VoLTE and VoIP audio telephony services with analog and digital audio interfaces. Pilots and passengers can do voice telephony over VoLTE or VoIP via the onboard intercom audio system. The TRC-22 control panel enables dial-pad and control functionality for telephony.

The well-known COFDM video transmitter system can be operated by the TRC-22 control panel to switch the transmitter OFF/ON, change transmit channels, power and bandwidth, choose encryption keys and several other transmission parameters.

The TRC-22 is suitable for use with Night Vision goggles and adheres to NVIS Class B rules. The backlight can be controlled by a central dimmer control line.

Find more info in our datasheet.

The TRC-22 is a future-proof, smart, secure, reliable and longtime available investment.


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TCR-22 Universal Control System


Installation kit
NGR442 & NGR221 Routers
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