Setting a new level of connectivity applications in mobile systems our WiFi/LTE Gateway connects personell devices to the internet fast and easy.

team2applications provides design and integration services for Internet Access in fast moving vehicles and customized interfaces to on-board operator workstations to ensure complete systems as stand-alone solutions or in close cooperation with system providers. Customized top-level security VPN-technologies enable seamless integration into customer established IT-Infrastructure.


Travelers Service

High available internet access for travelers.

Technical Services

Transmitting technical data of trains or trucks in real time enables your asset management applications.


Configuration & activation Service

We are configuring your device prior to shipping according your desired settings. By a simple call, email or website request, we activate your device and functions as you ordered before. Upgrade of new features by a simple click in our customer portal is easy.

SIM card Services

With premium IoT SIM cards certified for in-air-communications, team2applications provides all-in-one services for customers. The SIM-cards enable European or worldwide roaming over various cell networks highest availability. Data packages range from 10 MB to 100 GB monthly inclusive volumes.